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HAKADI Lifepo4 12V 24Ah Rechargeable Battery PACK Long Cycle Life With 14.6V 4A Charger For Fishing Emergency Equipment

HAKADI Lifepo4 12V 24Ah Rechargeable Battery PACK Long Cycle Life With 14.6V 4A Charger For Fishing Emergency Equipment

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Lifepo4 Battery pack 12V 18Ah

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🔋Battery Warranty

LiFePO4 Battery 5 years

Sodium ion Battery 5 years

LTO Battery 10 years

NMC Battery 5 years

LiFePO4 Battery Pack 5 years

The warranty period is from the date you receive.
We only replace new cell for free due to the failure of manufacturing.
Before the shipment, we will detect the cell voltage/resistance/appearance and other issues. we can only ensure that single cell is good before the shipment.
When arrival you can test the cells within 1 week. If you find any problems, please contact us for refund or replace. Any return behavior buyers need to be responsible for shipping fee.

Product Parameters

Battery type: Lifepo4 32650-6000mah/21700-3000mah
Combination method: 4S4P/4S8P
Nominal capacity: 24Ah
Nominal voltage: 12.8V
Battery size: 180*170*76mm
Battery weight: about 2.65kg
Cycle life: more than 3000 times, DOD 80%
Charge voltage : 14.6V
Power: 307.2Wh
Standard charging method: Constant Current 0.2C,Constant Voltage 14.6V,0.01C cut-off
Max. charge current: 12A
Cut-off voltage: 11V
Max Continuous discharge current: 48A (5 min)
BMS protect current: 72A
Operating Temperature
Charging: 0~45℃
Discharge: -10~60℃

Packing List

1×12V 24Ah Lifepo4 Battery pack
1×14.6V 4A charger


Scooter, electric bicycle, children's toy car, electric wheelchair, sprayer, fishing detector, sonar, outdoor power supply, solar energy storage, solar street light, CCTV, household appliances, emergency power supply


1. 12V 24Ah Lifepo4 battery with build in BMS. It can support connect in series and parallel. But connect in series cannot exceed 30V.

2. The battery BMS protect current is 3C, so it cannot replace Lead-acid battery as the start power.

3. We have lithium, Lifepo4, LTO batteries, accept customized battery pack, we can't update all items here. If you want to customized your own battery, please contact us about your requirement (capacity, voltage, size, discharge current, etc). Thank you


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